Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Simple Drive

A nice summer drive is just what I needed to clear my head.  Husband and I took turns behind the wheel.  I'll admit he drove more than me,  I'm more of a copilot.  He was nice enough to let me pull over and took some pictures.  Funny how some days I feel like quitting my job and taking up photographer full time. I find it very relaxing to take something so simple and capture what makes it so complex.  A windmill with a great Texas sky as it's back drop.  It spoke to me.  Printing it in color and black and white, can't decide which I like better.                          The pile of screws were random.  They were simply laying in a parking lot next to a curb. No explanation where they may have come from.  I joked that someone had more than one screw loose.  I thought it was strange, but compelling.  I love that I can still find beauty in the crazy world that betrays me most of the time.  I guess that's why taking pictures of objects is easier than pictures of people.  People are fakes most of the time.  Finding ways to hide their true selves from others.  We think no one will notice.  Thinking that we're so clever.  The screws looked as if they had been laying there for awhile.  People had walked by them repeatedly and never noticed them. Why?  They caught my eye right away.  I glanced and kept walking, walked further down the side walk and had to walk back they seemed to call to me.  I found it somewhat symbolic that there was a crack right down the middle of them.  Loose screws cracked lives, just thrown to the curb.  Clearly told my story.

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